Defense - Security - Surveillance

The first favorite areas of drone Burkina are security and surveillance. Probably a link with the profile of the founder of drone burkina, Younoussa SANFO, expert in cybersecurity.

Army - Police - Gendarmerie

These will be drones designed for harsh environments. The materials will be chosen according to field realities. Particular emphasis will be placed on the autonomy of the drone, its range, its ability to return images in real time, altitude and its camouflage capabilities. In some cases, our drones will be able to carry objects up to 2.5kg or even beyond for exclusively military configurations For obvious reasons, our engineers are at your disposal. Contact Us

Emergency Relief - Firefighters

Forest fire monitoring as close as possible to the means available existing air routes. Locating the position of hot spots during a fire, the position of the areas to be protected in priority, and the presence of people prisoners of fire to be rescued urgently. These drones can provide firefighters with extraordinary visibility during fires in built-up areas, even road accidents. It will be the same for the help of people lost in places difficult to access such as forests, mountains ...

Infrastructure monitoring

(solar panels, high voltage lines, pipeline, telephony operator pylons ...) The deployment of a drone for infrastructure surveillance makes it possible to reduce the time of the mission and the human risk. Structural preservation Spot erosions, cracks, wear with our high resolution cameras Locate faults Detect electrical malfunctions using thermal cameras and coronary. Use AI to determine where to focus inspection. Assembling faults Detect assembly mistakes and access dangerous or difficult areas access thanks to cameras with 30x zoom Overgrowth of vegetation Identify quickly and prevent breakdowns caused by vegetation penetrating which can interfere with high-voltage lines Object detection Automatically detect, track and label high voltage equipment. Instant notification When a fault is detected, a monitoring request is sent, for quick verification and repair. Determine the location of the defect Easily locate the fault along the high-voltage line with the data geolocation.